Black Mesa : DM_Bounce

Dm_Bounce is one of the iconic maps from Halflife Deathmatch. The aim for this map was to bring it up to date yet keep the aesthetics of the original map.

The design went through many iterations taking onboard testers comments and suggestions. I worked closely with modellers to produce themed assets. Early on I had decided to use two themes with the map, the abondoned old mine with the new Black Mesa water treatment, with lighting playing a key part to highlight this.
The map is based on a figure of eight but in a vertical format as I included additional tunnels compared to the original. In a recent pole DM_Bounce was voted players favourite map

L4D2 Map : Dead Stop

This is the first map of the campaign and has a complex ent system to control the intro that sees the train slowly come to a stop. It has one small scripted panic event near the beginning. The waterfall is a custom particle effect created by myself

L4D2 Map : Cover Up

This map has alot of dynamic elements that are picked on map load, including 2 different routes, exploding barrels and weapon placement. This map finishes with a custome scripted Gauntlet Crescendo Event.

L4D2 Map : Delve Deeper

Delve Deeper has dynamic pathing and contains a large Stanley Parable easter egg that is triggered via placing the gnome in the correct place. The map is quite long with a panic event mid way through plus a min event combined with an NPC scripted event.

L4D2 Map : The Truth

This map is the longest of all the maps. Its has a panic event early on with a script event with an NPC.

L4D2 Map : Escape

This is Redemptions Finale, and has a unique scripted end panic event, with not only a hold out but also has a small scavenge.

L4D2 Map : Stanley Parable Easter Egg

This is a Stanley Parable Easter Egg Hidden in Map3 of Redemption. I was lucky to be given the ok to use some of the models from TSP by its creator Davey Wreden and I also worked with Kevan Brightly who voiced the original line for TSP. The new lines were written by myself and so far the easter egg has had great response from the community.