About Me

My name is Craig Mirfin and have a passion for level design, currently living in East Sussex, UK.

Over the years I have designed levels and small games on an assortment of platforms and engines. Although my professional career has always steered me away from this, I have always worked in the design industry be it in mechanical or civil engineering but CAD has always been the constant. My strongest attribute is to pick up any design software quickly and efficiently.

I have worked on a large campaign for L4D2 from initial gameplay design to a complete 5 map coop experience. This included custom sounds, textures, scripting and models. The campaign has recently been released and has so far received over 1 million downloads.

Due to the success and news coverage of this I am now currently working with the Crowbar Collective on the commercially released Black Mesa Game (A licensed release of Valve's HalfLife) on both Multiplayer and Singleplayer as a Level Designer.


Through professional work and personal, I have gained many skills

  • To design levels from the ground up encompassing solid gameplay and player interaction
  • Manage people to meet deadlines efficiently
  • To tell a story by model placement and sound queues
  • Pick up and excel with any piece of software
  • Learn programming languages quickly
  • Source the correct help for projects
  • Self critique (very important)
  • Easily visualise layouts in my head


I enjoy most console and PC games, films, football, archery and spending time with family and friends. When Im not creating a new level then chances are that Im sketching ideas down for one.

I have 3 children whom inspire and often beat me at games.

Oh and who doesn't like a good zombie game :)